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The Iran/Iraq war connected to present day Christian persecution.


A team of veteran motion picture and television production professionals have launched a film project titled Abducted To Kill, which will bring new awareness to the growing problem of the persecution and killing of Christians worldwide and, indirectly, support all people of conscience, all religious faiths, and all beliefs.

Religious persecution is a growing trend around the world. The United Nations, United States Congress, the British Parliament, the Vatican and other credible organizations have extensively studied and reported this problem. The Holy See has reported that over 100,000 Christians are violently killed annually because of some relation to their faith and the numbers are increasing, with 2015 reaching record high.[i]

Religious persecution occurs nearly everywhere among nearly every religious group, but the persecution among Christians is reported as the largest group of persecuted people of faith. People of faith are faced with restrictions, harassment, and intimidation. This persecution is increasing in every major region of the world. We are now facing a seven-year statistical high and a rise in murders due to the infiltration of ISIS or ISIL worldwide.[ii]

WorldWatch and other organizations declare that the nation of Iran persecutes Christians like no other. This persecution is systemic and prolific.[iii]

The motion picture, Abducted To Kill will dramatize the beginnings of this massive persecution after the revolution of the early 1980s using fictional characters. However, the story of love and faith in the midst of the trials of a war torn nation was created out of extensive research from real events that have occurred in Iran and the real people who endured it all.

Abducted To Kill is the story of a young man’s abduction to fight and kill in the Hezbollah army during its formation in Iran, his determination to maintain his Christian faith at all costs, and his miraculous escape to save the ones he loves.[iv]

Abducted To Kill is a compelling inspirational story of forgiveness and hope.

An Indiegogo campaign was launched for development and pre-production tasks and to keep us going until we secured investment for the making of the film. Several of us have volunteered our time and money to keep the project afloat. We have completed a script which has been given an A rating by Dr. Ted Baehr, the founder of MovieGuide®, the most prestigious promoter of Christian films.

See information about our previous campaign on Indiegogo:

If you are an investor interested in taking part in seeing the completion of this 3.5 to 5.0 million dollar film, please contact: Bob Bellmore at or email him at:

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